What if...

Your recruiter delivered quality, always
Your candidates stopped turning down your offers
Your recruiter understood your business
Your search partner told the truth about the market
Your recruiter stopped wasting your time
Your recruiter partnered with you through the entire recruiting process

About Us

Who we are

We are a search firm dedicated to partnering with our clients to recruit the right talent, for the right stage of growth to allow our clients the best opportunity to capture marketshare and mindshare.

What drives us

Creating the win-win (win)! Our business is simple but not easy. Our clients have a gap between where they are and where they need to be. They need to find that right person to bridge that gap. Our job is to find that best person. There is nothing that makes us GO more than delivering for our clients.

How we work

We are an extension of our clients at every step of the process, sharing marketplace details as well as search and recruitment strategy to ensure our clients have the best opportunity to acquire the people who will allow them to successfully build their organizations and grow!

Doug Johnson


Doug founded Valor in 2002. He has been working with enterprise software executives to identify and recruit executive leaders and to build best-in-class sales and marketing teams for over 20 years.