Construct a Winning Interview (PS- It’s about the candidate, not about you).

There is a shortage of talented people in the marketplace- it is a trend that will continue for the next decade.  The two things most in demand and equally short in supply are people who possess work ethic and people who possess market knowledge, experience and a track record of success.

You can ensure your success at attracting these in-demand candidates by doing a few simple things.  Here are four keys to get you started….

  1. Do you know your candidate? 

    1. Not like did you go to high school with her but more like have you taken the time to get to know her background, her accomplishments or her interests. Effectively, are you paying attention to your candidate.  If you are, it will speak volumes about your interest and will also speak volumes about the importance of the role in your organization.  You pay the most attention to the most important things- you will say so by simply demonstrating that you know your candidate’s background.

  2. Have you planned a great interview experience?

    1. Are you prepared for your candidate’s arrival? Is the rest of your interview team ready as well?  Does everyone have a copy of the person’s resume?  Do they understand their reason for being involved, what questions they are going to ask, what position they are even interviewing this person for?  No?  You better do it better.
    2. Have a prepared schedule and present it to your candidate at that start.

  3. Be ready to make a decision quickly.

    1. Nothing sours a candidate’s interest level in your company or opportunity faster than the company that can’t or won’t make a decision. What you need to understand is that the candidate is evaluating you just as much as you are evaluating her.  Most of the assumptions she will make about how your company is run as a general rule will be reached based on this interview process.  The interview process will be a small but important example of the commitment your team has to the goal, how well organized you are, how well your team communicates and how empowered your people are to make a decision.  Perhaps the most important thing it will teach your candidate is if your organization respects the people who work there.

  4. Understand and recognize the value of the time of your candidate.

    1. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are the only game in town. You’re not.  You need to assume that if you are interviewing this person, she is interviewing elsewhere as well.  You will make a huge positive impression on this person when you take the time to be appreciative of her time and effort to make this interview happen.  Doing so costs you nothing but builds tremendous goodwill with your candidate.

Do these simple things and your odds of landing the candidate you really want will improve dramatically.


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