Are Top Candidates Turning Down Your Offers?

One thing I hear regularly from new clients is frustration at having candidates say “no!” to their offers. It’s deflating to invest time and effort to an interview process only to have your top candidate not accept. When that happens, it can leave a significant impact crater inside of the organization and sometimes can damage the company’s reputation as well.


Make your Recruiting Personal

Anyone that reads my stuff or knows me, knows I’m a headhunter. I’m pretty good and one of the reasons that I’m good is because I understand the importance of making it personal.


The Dimensions of a Qualified Candidate, Part 1:

If I were to ask you, “What is a qualified candidate?” what would your answer be? If you are like most people I coach, you’d say something along the lines of, “someone who has the right experience,” or “someone with the right background.”


The Dimensions of a Qualified Candidate, Part 3:

When you’ve determined that you have a qualified candidate: you know why he wants to leave his current company, that he has valid reasons for exploring your opportunity, and that you can provide what’s important to him, you have two important but too-often neglected tasks:


Valor Partners Takes the ParityPledge™

VALOR PARTNERS, a boutique executive search firm specializing in enterprise and healthcare software, has taken the ParityPledge™, building on its commitment to improving the pathway for women in leadership positions.


The obvious interview questions most people don’t ask.

I watch companies waste time and money in their interview processes. The waste comes in the form of real dollars, opportunity cost, frustration from hiring managers about talking to unqualified candidates and having their time needlessly lost just to name a few.

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