Ash is a loyal office companion, a dog who demands attention and dog biscuits.  He is completely addicted to chasing the laser pointer (so much so we have had to ban laser pointers at the office- he’s “cra-cra for the lay-lay” as we say around here). 

When not entertaining us, you can find him sleeping in various offices, shaking down the UPS person for a dog treat and begging most of us to take him out for a quick game of catch in the park across the street.

Ash is a Pudelpointer- he is a hunting dog of German decent.  The breed was developed over thirty 30 in the late 1800’s by breeding seven specific poodle breeds with over 100 different pointers to achieve the desired traits and characteristics.

Ash was born in Georgia, just north of Atlanta, in November 2011.   He has three siblings, two brothers and a sister.  He was only supposed to be 60 pounds but weighs in at a svelte 78 pounds and he wasn’t supposed to shed but that is absolutely not true either.


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